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Notional and International Conferences attended by the Doctors and Allied Health professionals:

  • 21st AACE Annual Congess held in Philadelphia, USA from 23rd to 27th May. 2012
  • 21st lnternational Diabetes Federation Conference, held in Dubai. December 3-8. 2011
  • PESON conference. Kathmandu. Nepal. November. 2011.
  • ISPAD lnternational Society for Paediatrics 8- Adolescent Diabetes] Conference, in Miami in October. 2011.
  • 41th lnternational Conference on treatment of HTN. Dyslipidemia and Diabetes Mellitus lst to 4th December 2011 in Paris.
  • 37th Annual Meeting of ISPAD Florida. USA 19-22 Oct 2011 .
  • SAARC Surgical Leaders Summit (G1 & GYN) G-ROS 2011 of Pune and Mumbai. India from 28th April -lst May. 2011
  • 9th congress of SAARC Association of Anaesthesiologists 26th - 28th August 2011,Bangalore, INDIA
  • 11thh annual meeting of Federation oi Clinical Immunology Societies[FOCIS 2012], held in Washington DC, USA on 23-26th of June, 2011.
  • 5th Congess of Federation oi lmmunoiogical Societies of Asia Oceania (FIMSA) held in New Delhi , India on 14-17th of Mach. 2012.
  • 12111 annual meeting of Federation at Cinical Immunology Societies IFOCIS 2012). held ‘n Vancouver. BC, Canada on June 20-23. 2012.
  • International of Ethnopharmacology (ISEl Conference-2012, Kolkata, INDIA. 17-19 Februay,2012.(Al1 faculty members).
  • American Diabetic Association (ADA) conference-2012, America, June-2012
  • 11th Asian Congess of Nutrition (ACN) Singapore, 13- 16 July, 2011.
  • 6th IAS Conference on HIV Pathogenesis. Treatment and Prevention Rome. Italy, 17-20 July 2011
  • IEA World Congess of 7 -11 August 2011, Edinburgh Intemational Conference Centre. Scotland. UK.