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Perinatal Care Project

perinatal-care-projectPerinatal Care Project (PCP) is a collaborative project of Diabetic Association of Bangladesh (BADAS), Women & Children First (UK) and University College London Centre for International Health and Development (CIHD), ICH, UK, which aims to improve maternal and newborn health in rural areas in Bangladesh. The project is being implemented in 18 Unions from 6 Upazilas of 3 Districts (Bogra, Faridpur and Moulvibazar) since 2002 and covering around 500,000 population including 36,819 women of reproductive age. Women and under-5 children’s health was incorporated to the intervention during scaling up of the project in 2008.

PCP has both research and development objectives. The research objective incorporates a randomized controlled trial to evaluate the effectiveness of community mobilization on maternal and neonatal health. Under the development objective several activities are being implemented to strengthen health system for timely use of quality health care services within the project areas. Alongside, a low cost surveillance system known as M&E and Process Evaluation activities are being executed to assess the intervention at outcome level.

Major Activities :

  • 285 Doctors from two districts (Bogra and Faridpur) were trained on essential newborn care with technical assistance from Bangladesh Neonatal Forum (BNF) and Bangladesh Perinatal Society (BPS).

  • 338 TBAs from 03 districts were trained on essential newborn care.

  • Weighing Scales and Sphygmomanometers were provided to 47 Community Clinics (CCs) and some of the community clinics were visited to ensure that service providers of the CCs are using these simple medical equipments

  • All members of 47 community clinic support committees were oriented on maternal, newborn and child health.

  • 21 special classes were held for young adolescent girls in high schools to create awareness about health during pregnancy. Importance of seeking ante-natal care, good nutrition, danger signs, avoidance of harmful practices, etc was discussed.

  • Of 810 Women’s Groups, 648 groups conducted meetings on child health and 162 groups conducted meetings on women’s health.

  • PCP organized a 3 day training program for the WG field staff on women’s health from February 18 to 20, 2012 at Grace House at Mirpur, Dhaka. 9WG Coordinators, 10 WG Facilitators and 3 District Managers attended the training. The training was facilitated by WG Coordinators and Women Group’s Training Officer based on the topics of women’s health that was included in the flip chart for cycle 2

  • PCP, with technical assistance from ICDDR,B organised a 3 day training programme on Cycle-2 survey questionnaires from September 11to 13 , 2011 at Hope Foundation. 27 data collectors, 9 Supervisors and 3 District Managers attended the training. Relevant staff from PCP head office was present at the training.

  • PCP arranged a sharing session on “Midterm PE findings” of the intervention i.e. Cycle 2, child health meetings with field level staff.

  • PCP arranged the final DSMB meeting at BADAS Secretariat through teleconference on March 10, 2012. PCP Dhaka office staff and 3 District Mangers attended the meeting. DSMB members participated in the meeting from Dhaka, London and Mumbai .


Material development:

  • Modified a flipchart with maternal and neonatal health issues for special classes of adolescent girls at high school level.






Prof Kishwar Azad

PESON conference, Kathmandu, Nepal, November, 2011.


Paper on “Causes, timing and places of neonatal deaths in rural Bangladesh”.


Bedowra Haq Aumon

PESON conference, Kathmandu, Nepal, November, 2011.


Paper on “Assessing the effect of women’s group intervention on both of members and community, using different methods and measures of process evaluation.”


  1. Tanja AJ Houweling, Kishwar Azad, Layla Younes, Abdul Kuddus, Sanjit Shaha, Bedowra Haq, Tasmin Nahar, James Beard, Edward F Fottrell, Audrey Prost, and Anthony Costello: The effect of participatory women’s groups on birth outcomes in Bangladesh: does coverage matter? Study protocol for a randomized controlled trial: Trials 2011; 12: 208.

  2. Tasmin Nahar, Kishwar Azad, Bedowra Haq Aumon, Layla Younes, Sanjit Shaha, Abdul Kuddus, Audrey Prost, Tanja Houweling, Anthony Costello, Edward Fottrell: Scaling up community mobilisation through women’s groups for maternal and neonatal health: experiences from rural Bangladesh: BMC Pregnancy and Childbirth 2012, 12:5

Staff Exposure:
Participation of PCP staffs in National and International Workshop /Seminar / Conference /Training


Description of the event

Prof Kishwar Aazd

Dissemination meeting on Community Based Postnatal Care Study in Bangladesh at Save the Children, Dhaka, Bangladesh , January, 2012

Mohammed Munir Hossen

Training on STATA , organized by EquiNam, Kanth Mandu, Nepal, February, 2012

Prof Kishwar Aazd

17th Congress of the Federation of Asian and Oceania Perinatal Societies (FAOPS), March-2012

Prof Kishwar Aazd ISPAD (International Society for Paediatrics & Adolescent Diabetes Conference, in Miami in October, 2011.
Prof Kishwar Azad, Dr Abdul Kuddus, and Bedowra Haq Aumnon PESON conference, Kathmandu, Nepal, November, 2011.
Sanjit Kumer Shaha, Regional Workshop on Monitoring and Evaluation of Population, Health & Nutrition Programs , New Delhi, India, 14-23 November, 2011.
Sanjit Kumer Shaha, Regional Workshop on Monitoring and Evaluation of Population, Health & Nutrition Programs , New Delhi, India, 14-23 November, 2011.
Prof Kishwar Aazd

International Diabetes Federation Conference, Dubai, in December 2011.

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