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Management Structure

BADAS Institutes

BIRDEM: Bangladesh Institute of Research and Rehabilitation in Diabetes,Endocrine and Metabolic Disorders (BIRDEM)

RVTC: Rehabilitation and Vocational Training Center (RVTC)

NHN: National HealthCare (NHN)

ICHRI: Ibrahim Cardiac Hospital & Research Institute (Ibrahim Cardiac)

IMC: Ibrahim Medical College (IMC)

BIHS: Bangladesh Institute of Health Sciences (BIHS)

KALTU: Kidney and Liver Transplant Unit (KALTU)

BADAS Projects

HCDP: Health Care Development Projects (HCDP)

PFC: Preventive Foot Care Project

PCP: Perinatal Care Project

DLP: Distance Learning Project

DPP : Diabetes Prevention Program

DPIS: Diabetes Prevention and Intervention Study

BADAS-ORBIS Eye Care Project

MCH: Mother & Child Health

CDIC: Changing Diabetes In Children (CDIC)  Programme

EDC: Extension of Diabetic Care

Management structure of BADAS