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Addressing Accessibility and Affordability Issues in Health Care In the light of sustainability as well as safety net for vulnerable groups

From the very beginning BADAS is following the principle of decentralization with dispersion of its facilities all over the country and creating local lever ownership for this facilities. This, along with setting service fees within reasonable limit, BADAS is continuously trying to make health care accessible and affordable to the people by saving substantial amount of indirect and opportunistic cost. It is also making a great contribution in affordability by creating human resources in health which, ultimately helps in lowering the cost by increasing supply in the health care market.

Although still in a limited (due to resource constraints) BADAS is also addressing the learning issue of marginalisation of the vulnerable groups (women, children, aged persons, tribal groups etc) by providing free subsidized health care to relatively poorer patients (with special focus on diabetes) through a system of social welfare. In FY 2008-09 an approximate average of 30% revenue from services in all EPs/AAs were dedicated to social welfare. A Social Welfare Unit has been made mandatory in each facility under an EPs/AAs. BADAS also a arranges rehabilitation for the needs patients with special programs.It is understood, however, that services are still limited and support from government, development partners, and private philanthropists is necessaey to expand the social welfare services.

The BADAS model has attracted great attention due to its sustainability issue. This is achieved in 3 district level integrated components. The organizational sustainability is earned by its decentralize plan and democratic management policy and technical sustainability is achieved through attracting high quality human resources with competitive remuneration and carrier planning. The challenging component of financial sustainability is achieved through a unique blendof Public-Private partnership and Cross-financing.