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Centre for Global Health Research

A research wing of Diabetic Association of Bangladesh.

Aims of the project :

Centre for Global Health Research

  • To create a center of excellence for epidemiological and clinical studies with special focus on diabetes and related cardiometabolic diseases.
  • To develop strategies for prevention and care of diabetes and related NCDs.
  • To have an authoritative voice for development of guidelines in the related disciplines for Bangladesh.
  • To develop both national and international networks for global health research for non- communicable diseases.

Research Programs:

1. Chandra Rural Diabetes Study :

  • A joint research initiative of BADAS and University of Oslo (UIO), Norway
  • Study place: Chandra, Gazipur
  • Study design: cross-sectional
  • Study time & participants: 1999 (4757), 2004 (3981), 2009 (2376)
  • Current status: 4th one will start in April 2016
  • Source of funding: UIO& BADAS
  • Publications till 2016: 15

2. Diabetes Prevention Intervention Study (DPIS)

  • Study duration: 18 months
  • Source of funding: UIO& BADAS
  • Status: Complete
  • Key points:
  • - A randomized control trial to prevent Type 2 Diabetes in Person with IGT
    - To assess the outcome of different intervention (lifestyle, metformin and glibenclamide) models to prevent diabetes among high risk group in Bangladesh
    - Total participants: 1200 IGT subjects
    - Risk reduction: Metformin + Lifestyle: 74%; Glibenclamide + LS: 67; Only lifestyle: 60%
  • Activities related to the study
  • - Community awareness program: 30
    - Development of prevention guidebook: 1
    - Development of posters: 5
    - Development of prevention website:

3. GIFTs Mother and Child Health Study

  • Mother and Child Health Research Program in Bangladesh is a part of GIFTS “Genomic and lifestyle predictors of fetal outcome relevant to diabetes and obesity and their relevance to prevention strategies in South Asian Peoples” study.
  • Chief Investigators: Prof Graham Hitman & Prof Akhtar Hussain
  • Principal Investigator: Prof AK Azad Khan
  • Coordinator: Dr Bishwajit Bhowmik
  • Research Partners:
  • - Diabetic Association of Bangladesh, Queen Mary University of London, University of Oslo and Mother & Child Health Training Institute, Azimpur, Dhaka
  • Funding authority: European Union (FP7-HEALTH-2011)
  • Length of study program: 3 years
  • Study centers: Mother & Child Health Training Institute, Azimpur & BIRDEM
  • Study areas: Dhaka city (Azimpur, Lalbagh, Hazaribag, Kamrangirchar, Keraniganj)
  • Phase: Phase 1 (WP2 – cross-sectional) and Phase 2 (WP3- RCT)
  • The key GIFTS objectives:
  • - Improving understanding of the nutritional and lifestyle factors affecting early life programming
    - Elucidating the role of genomics in the development of diabetes
    - Modification of diabetes prevention education by incorporation of results and learning generated by GIFTS into the curriculum

4. Screening for diabetes and related cardiometabolic risks at work places in Bangladesh :

  • This study is the part of Diabetes Prevention Program in Work Places (DPWP),an ongoing diabetes prevention program of Diabetic Association of Bangladesh (BADAS).
  • Main objective: to establish a model surveillance system with special focus on diabetes and related cardiometabolic risks for industrial workers in Bangladesh.
  • Study place: Industries in and around Dhaka city.
  • Study design: observational
  • Participated industries & number of participants till to date: 7 (1400 participants)
  • Current status: ongoing
  • Publications till 2016: 2
  • Key findings:
  • - IFG (17.7%), IGT (25.8%), and DM (15.4%)
    - F/H DM (38.9%), Obesity (43.7%), Central Obesity (35.3%) and HTN (27.9%)

5. Knowledge and Care Regarding GDM among Bangladeshi Population :

  • A joint research initiative of Preconception Care through Religious Leaders Project of Centre for Global Health Research and SAFES, Bangladesh
  • Study Place: BIRDEM, NHN, HCDP, BADAS Affiliated Associations, BSMMU and 5 Govt. Medical Colleges
  • Study design: observational
  • Study duration: 24 months
  • Status: Ongoing

6. Knowledge Attitude and Practice (KAP) among Physicians Before and After Distance Learning Program (DLP) in Bangladesh :

  • A joint research initiative of Centre for Global Health Research and Distance Learning Project, BADAS
  • Study Place: 39 Regional Training Centers of DLP in Dhaka (BIRDEM), Chittagong, Khulna, Rangpur, Rajshahi, Faridpur, Mymensingh and Sylhet.
  • Study design: before and after study
  • Study duration: 12 months
  • Status: Complete

7. Factors associated with different types of Retinopathy in patients with type 2 diabetes in Bangladeshi Population :

  • A research initiative of Centre for Global Health Research
  • Study Place: BIRDEM
  • Study design: Cross-sectional
  • Source of funding: Self-funding of CGHR
  • Study duration: 8 months
  • Status: Complete (data analysis)

8. Awareness and Knowledge of diabetes and related NCDs among Garments workers in Bangladesh through Micro Health Insurance Program :

  • This study is part of Comprehensive Healthcare for Garment Workers through Micro Health Insurance Program of BADAS
  • Study Place: 8 Garments in Gazipur
  • Study design: cross-sectional
  • Total population: 8000
  • Study duration: 12 months
  • Status: Ongoing

9. Pre-conception care through religious leaders (Kazis) :


  • To improve community awareness on preconception care and prevention of non-communicable diseases (NCDs) particularly gestational diabetes (GDM) among newly married couples of Bangladesh through religious leaders (Kazis)
  • Target people: Newly married couples, Religious leaders (Kazis) and Health service providers (Physicians, Nurses and Educators)
  • Study period: 24 months
  • Study site: BADAS and its Affiliated Associations.
  • Start of the Program: March 2016
  • Funding Agency: WDF

Planned activities to reach objectives

  • Organize training program for 400 religious leaders (Kazis).
  • Organize training program for 300 health service providers (Physicians, Nurses and Diabetes Educators).
  • Establish 50 preconception care corners in BADAS centres/hospitals and its AAs.
  • Organize pre-conception counselling by religious leaders and health care personnel and in addition, pre-conception care by health care personnel.
  • Organize television and radio talk shows with religious leaders and health care providers for improving community awareness.
  • Development of education/awareness materials on preconception care and prevention of GDM and associated cardiometabolic risks.
  • Establish an expert advisory committee with members from BADAS, Association of Marriage Registrars (Kazis), Ministry of Law and Justice and Ministry of Health and Family Planning.

10. Empowerment of the Primary Health Care Physicians through Early Detection and Monitoring of Diabetic Retinopathy and its Impact on Diabetes Care: :

  • Study period: 3 years
  • Study site: Bangladesh, China, North Korea
  • Total samples: 5000
  • Study sites: 2 rural NHN centers, 2 urban NHN centers
  • Start of the Program: April, 2016
  • Funding Agency: DaAn Health, China

11. Screening of diabetes and related cardiometabolic risks among Aga Khan Community in Dhaka, Bangladesh :

  • Target people: Aga Khan Community in Dhaka
  • Study period: 1 months (only on Friday)
  • Study samples: 300
  • Funding Agency: Aga Khan Foundation
  • Start of the Program: May, 2016


  • To observe the rate of diabetes, pre-diabetes and associated cardiometabolic risk factors including obesity, hypertension, lipid disorders, coronary artery disease, eye diseases (retinopathy), viral infection (hepatitis B and hepatitis C), kidney function and liver function in adult people of Aga Khan Community living in Dhaka city.
  • To assess knowledge, attitude and practice (KAP) on diabetes and related cardiometabolic diseases among the study people.
  • To provide proper education on diabetes prevention to all the participants.
  • To provide appropriate advice to the people diagnose with diabetes and related cardiometabolic diseases.

12. Risk Factors and Pregnancy outcomes among gestational diabetic mothers: A hospital based case control study in Bangladesh :

  • Study population: 1000
  • Study period: 1 year
  • Study site: BIRDEM & MCHTI, Azimpur
  • Start of the Program: June 2016