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Preventive Foot Care Project

Indoor services:
Follow up of inpatients as per referral.

Out door services:
Assessment and follow up of diabetic foot.
Identification, assessment and follow up of “High Risk Foot”.
Diabetic follow up of “High Risk Foot”.
Patient education about foot care and foot wear.
Callus excision.
Assessment of foot pressure.
Wound dressing.

Biothesiometer VPT
Biothesiometer HCP
Foot Scanner

Total no. of patients enrolled : 5300

Total no. of “High Risk Foot” Patients : 1959

Academic activities:
Teaching of undergraduate students of different Medical Colleges


1.  Shah Jamal Khan, Faria Afsana, Samir Kumar Talukder, SM Ashrafuzzaman, Md. Faruque Pathan , Prof. Zafar Ahmed Latif. Presence and Association of Sub clinical Hypothyroidism in Subjects with Metabolic Syndrome. Diabetes and Metabolic Syndrome: Clinical Research and Review. 2011; 5(2): 243-49.

2. Talukder SK, Afsana F, Latif ZA, Pathan F, Ashrafuzzaman SM, Khan SK, Khan SJ, Habib SH, Saha S. Clinical and Biochemical Assessment of Hypogonadism in Type 2 Diabetic Men. BIRDEM Med J; 2011; 1(1): 3-9

International Abstract Published:

1.  Abstract accepted for poster presentation in the 21st IDF, Dubai. Dr Faria Afsana1, Dr Salma Ahmad2, Dr Farhana Meher Hossain2, Prof Zafar Ahmed Latif1 “Study of newly detected Young Diabetic subjects with pancreatic Calculi in a tertiary care hospital in Bangladesh: A longitudinal Observational Study” 2011; P-1575: 510

Conference Attended:

1. Attended and presented poster in the 21st AACE Annual Congress held in Philadelphia, USA from 23rd to 27th May, 2012

2. Attended advance course on Endocrinology held in Singapore on 3-5 February, 2012

3. Participated as one of the speaker for the motion - in the debate on “APB Medical Update: Primary Prevention of Diabetes Mellitus: Lifestyle Modification” held in Rupashi Bangla Hotel, Dhaka, Bangladesh on May, 2011.

4. Attended SAARC Ganga Ram Diabetes Conference organized by BADAS and Novo Nordisk Pharma Pvt Ltd, Bangladesh, held in November 18-19, 2011 at Ruposhi Bangla, Dhaka, Bangladesh

5. Attended 21st IDF Conference, held in Dubai, December 3-8, 2011