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Diabetes Education Program

Diabetic Education ProgrammeDiabetic patients we diectly educated by the diabetes educators from NHN. HCDP and Afliated Associations. Development of Flip chart is complete and has been disseminated among the diabetes educators. Educators are using the tool and efforts are appreciated by the patients.

Development of Leaflet and poster is complete. The materids were distributed for the diabetes educators and other health professionals.
Development of other training tools like video programs. animation films is under process. From Nepal ll Diabetes Educators (Physician 03 : nurse 04; nutritionist 04 ) attended ‘Diabetes Educator‘ training program.

17700 newly detected diabetic patients were educated through patient education session From Ministry of Health. Bhutan O4 educators, 1 from USA and i3 from Affiliated Associations of BADAS were trained through Diabetes Hearth Educators training:

Clinical service: DCCS project-1650 patients were followed up.

800 students/Medical personnel of various Medical College/Institutes visited in 19 visits events. ll student from Japan visited twice. 12 officers from Armed Forces Medical Institute visited BIRDEM through Health Education Department.

375 patients received training on glucometer operation and 56160 tests were done with giucometer by the patients.
lnsulin injectlon training was conducted (Syringe 7035: Pen device3844).

Education Team

Diabetic Education Program is conduct by Honorary Physicians (Diabetologist). They give the scientific lecture for effective lifestyle modification for primary prevention of diabetes to modifying the modifiable risk factors through simple intervention of life style modification specially.

  • Modest weight loss
  • increase physical activity /exercise among the emolyees at organisation in divided group in Several Lecture.

They give the lecture through PowerPoint Presentation in Bengali containing messages of dabetic education and different skill for life style modification which produced through projector in education program. Especial emphasis has given on healthy diet. Nutrition education. increased physical activity. exercise etc.

A colorful diabetes guide book for primay prevention of Diabetes and NCDs in Bengali was pubished and distributed to each participants which is helpful for them to adopt fife style modification and to reduce the prevalent of Type-2 DM & NCDs. There is question & answer session between Physician (Diabelologist) and the Participants of different organization to asses the primary knowledge about diabetes in education program.


As a part of the education program BADAS produces an animation cartoon named "diabetes o bonduter hath" :