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Extension of Diabetic Care (EDC)

A. Goals & Objectives

  • The Goal of the Projects to extend diabetes health care service to rural areas by setting up Diabetes Care Centres through General Practioners at Thana level throughout Bangladesh.
  • The objectives are to recruit 550 settled GPs from Thana level lat least one irom each Thana] tor Certificate Course on Diabetology with the aim oi enroling Accredited Physicians (AP).
  • to make the chambers/clinic at the APs suitable tor diabetes care (by providing them glucometers. ophthalmoscopes. tuning forks and retrlgerators).
  • to create an electronic network through mobfle phone to monitor and share data, to provide diabetes health education to the diabetics and their family members attending at APs chamber by the health educators from the nearest Aflifiated Associations.
  • Overall aim is to increase diabetes care coverage from existing 25% to at least 50%.

B. Activities

  1. As a part of manpower training, 25 doctors successfully completed Certificate Course on Diabetology in Batch- A, B, and C. Training 21 doctors in Batch-D is running.
  2. All Affiliated Association of requested to nominate potential GPs for the course from their locality. A three member team has been formed to visit the chamber of GPs at Thana level.

C. Material Developed Through EDC

Course material for the Certificate Course on Diabetology by face to face teaching has been finalized by its faculty. The course delivery materials are prepared as follows:

  1. Text (Printed book) same as the existing one for distance learning mood
  2. Lecture material – Power Point Slide
  3. Tutorial materials - Activities like Fill up the gaps, response to true/false statements, data interpretation and discussion as appropriate for individual lecture curriculum.
  4. Practical/clinical class- case(s) presentation/ investigation(s)/procedure (s), assignment and discussion appropriate for individual lecture curriculum
  5. 5. Theoretical and practical teaching on Telemedicine system in Diabetic care.

D. Achievement

So far successfully Two Accredited Physician Center has been established under this project. And Inaugurated Two more are on the pipeline. The following Accredited Physician Scheme Centre have been opened  till 19 July 2012.

Thana :  Lalpur, District:  Natore
Name: Dr. MD Anwar Hossain
Mobile:  01726-964121
Thana : Sreenagar, District: Munsiganj
Name: Dr. Tanvir Imam
Mobile: 0168-062091
Thana :  Balagonj, District:  Sylhet
Name: Dr. Md. Kholilur Rahman
Mobile:  01711-983846
Thana :  Patnitola, District:  Naogaon
Name: Dr. Abu Obaida
Mobile:  01713-720950
Thana : Raozan, District:  Chittagong
Name: Dr. Mohammad Harun Al Rashid
Mobile:  01819-103083
Thana :  Duarabazar, District:  Sunamgonj
Name: Dr. Dipak Bhowmik Roy Chowdhury
Mobile:  01711-959568
Thana :  Kaligonj, District:  Gazipur
Name: Dr. Istiaq Ahmed
Mobile:  01718-402568
Thana :  Chakaria, District:  Cox's Bazar
Name: Dr. MD Faruk Sarwar
Mobile:  01710-590305
Thana :  kanaighat, District:  Sylhet
Name: Dr. Mohammad Misbahul Islam
Mobile:  010720-036270
Thana :  Gazipur Sadar, District: Gazipur
Name: Dr. Salah Uddin Khan
Mobile:  01822-001954
Thana : Matlab South, District: Chandpur
Name: Dr. MD Mahibur Rahman
Mobile:  01711-041213
Thana :  Bishanath, District:  Sylhet
Name: Dr. G.M. Anwar Hussain
Mobile:  01718-363627
Thana :  Bhairab, District:  Kishoregonj
Name: Dr. MD Safiqul Islam
Mobile:  01712-511233
Thana :  Turag, District:  Dhaka
Name: Dr. MD Sk Shahid Ullah
Mobile:  01916-861909
Thana :  Balagonj, District: Sylhet
Name: Dr. Md. Sirajul Islam
Mobile:  01715-196360
Thana :  Naugolkot, District:  Comilla
Name: Dr. Shafiqur Rahman Bhuiyan
Mobile:  01711-825513
Thana :  Savar, District:  Dhaka
Name: Dr. Abdul Kuddus
Mobile:  01671-845101
Thana :  Osmaninagar, District: Sylhet
Name: Dr. Shah Md Abdul Kabir
Mobile:  01711-427674
Thana :  Maijdee, District:  Noakhali
Name: Dr. Abdus Satter
Mobile:  01717-636093
Thana :  Kortchad, District:  Jenaidah
Name: Dr. Mostofa Md. Al Tariqe
Mobile:  01711-029322
Thana :  Sirajdeekhan, District:  Munsiganj
Name: Dr. Debabrata Ghosh
Mobile:  01716-358950
Thana :  Companigonj, District: Noakhali
Name: Dr. Zahir Uddin
Mobile:  01712-913830
Thana :  Ishwardi, District:  Pabna
Name: Dr. Rakibul Hassan
Mobile:  01719-791960
Thana :  Lauhajang, District:  Munsiganj
Name: Dr. A.k.M. Habibullah
Mobile:  01191-135869
Thana : Gazipur Sadar, District: Gazipur
Name: Dr. Monsur Ahmed
Mobile:  01711-696177
Thana :  Gobindaganj, District:  Gaibandha
Name: Dr. MD Shajedul Islam
Mobile:  01731-500091
Thana :  Nawabganj, District:  Dhaka
Name: Dr. Mohammad Anisur Rahman
Mobile:  01912-514141
Thana :  Sreepur, District: Gazipur
Name: Dr. MD Mushfiqur Rahman
Mobile:  01711-186696
Thana :  Bakshigonj, District:  Jamalpur
Name: Dr. Siddheswar Saha
Mobile:  01712-156746
Thana :  Sonagazi, District:  Feni
Name: Dr. Nurullah
Mobile:  01813-418817
Thana : South Surma, District: Sylhet
Name: Dr. M. Manjur Ahmed
Mobile: 01711-973291
Thana :  Sorishabari, District:  Jamalpur
Name: Dr. MD Jakir Hossain
Mobile:  01731-152567
Thana :  Dagonbhuiya, District:  Feni
Name: Dr. Nimai Chandra Das Saha
Mobile:  01711-185065
Thana :  Kawnia, District:  Rangpur
Name: Dr. A.M. MD Shahidullah Azizi
Mobile:  01197-195388
Thana :  Bashkhali, District:  Chittagong
Name: Dr. Narayan Das
Mobile:  01716-843433
Thana :  Sonaimuri, District:  Noakhali
Name: Dr. Mohammad Kasem
Mobile:  01711-860501
Thana :  Salna, District:  Gazipur
Name: Dr. Md. Monzur Alom
Mobile:  01818-258906
Thana : Shiddirganj, District:  Narayanganj
Name: Dr. Al-Wazedur Rahman
Mobile:  01816-788778
Thana : Titas, District:  Comilla
Name: Dr. Golam Mahbub Sikder
Mobile:  01711-036454
Thana : Bandar, District:  Narayanganj
Name: Dr. Mohammad Emadul Islam
Mobile:  01719-558244
Thana : Parbatipur, District:  Dinajpur
Name: Dr. Md. Mofaksarul Islam
Thana : Kanarkhanda, District:  Sirajganj
Name: Dr. A. K. M. Shahidur Rahman
Thana : Bhuapur, District:  Tangail
Name: Dr. M.A. Awlad Hossain
Thana : Paikgasa, District:  Khulna
Name: Dr. Nihar Ranjan Das