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Hereunder are the accomplishments the library has at its credit during 
July 2010 to June 2011

Annual budget
Annually subscription to current journals  
Purchase of books and monographs  

Tk.35,00,000/- for 2010 - 2011

Taka  28,03,906/-  
Total learning resources:

a) Books and  monographs
b) Back volumes of journals   
c) Current journal subscriptions     

7013 copies
2836 vols
30 titles

Annual acquisition of learning materials:

a) Books/monographs purchased
b) Books/monographs received as compliments
c) Journal subscriptions
d) Journal subscriptions received as compliments 

51 copies
27 copies

30 titles (674 copies)
57 copies

Library hours:           7:30 am to 9:00 pm

Physical facilities:

a) Total floor space     
b) Seating capacity      


5200 Sq.ft.
60  seats

Staffing pattern:

a) Professional
b) Sub-professional     
c) Non-professional          




Total = 11 persons

Total membership of library patrons:           1050 approx.
Electronic communication  media for storage and
retrieval  and dissemination of information:

a) MEDLINE     
b) POPLINE        
c) Photocopy services
d) We have full access to the HINARI & INASP PERI


Available in Online as PubMed
Available in Online
Instant photocopy services


Total Computers      
(a) Internet connection         

03 ( for library users)
Photocopiers: 01

Facilities available for  guiding library patrons as to
how to use library materials independently and how
to write  scientific papers.


Information dissemination through:
Selective Dissemination of Information:

INTERNET search:
Request for subjects received  & delivered to:

a) Internal users                
b) External users    




157 users
27 users

Use of library  visits by patrons: (users)          9126 users
New membership:              150 Members
Books & Monographs processed (automated & manual)               57  titles
Lending service to users        5,960 books

Photocopy  services rendered:

a) Official (free)    
b) Private (on payment)
c) Cancel



207,315 copies
71, 267 copies
7888 copies